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Ahmoo Angeconeb is considered one of the very top of the living Canadian Woodland native artists. He is highly collected across Europe, having spent approximately a half year every year for the past decade and a half travelling and living there, conducting shows from Monte Carlo to northern Finland, a well renown in major cities such as Cologne, Munich, Basel, Zurich, Berlin, Monte Carlo and across Finland. He has conducted lectures and workshops across Europe, promoting and educating about the Indigenous traditions, history and philosophy through his teachings and artwork. he has truly been an international Ojibway ambassador and representative.
Ahmoo was born April 19th, 1955 on the Lac Seul First Nations Reserve outside of Sioux Lookout in northwestern Ontario (370 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay). His First Nations affiliation is Ojibway, and is the sixth child out of nine. Ahmoo (Bachelor of Fine Arts) is extensively trained in visual arts and printmaking, formally at Toronto's York University, Lakehead University in Thunder Bay (graduate) and both as a student and teacher previously at Dalhousie University in Halifax. He has extensive lecturing and travelling throughout Canada, the Arctic, Europe, the U.S, North Africa and Southeast Asia. His works are in collections world-wide and are highly sought after. A true international traveller, Ahmoo nows resides between Lac Seul and Sioux Lookout, and Thunder Bay, having suffered some serious health problems over the past few years.
Ahmoo's work has evolved into an unique style within the Woodland tradition, (as founded by Norval Morrisseau), retaining the philosophical regard for tradition with a commitment to teach us all about Ahnishnaebe culture and traditions for all future generations to see. He uses traditional symbols of the Anishnawbe past to transmit his message, including symbols as mnemonic devices in the form of petroglyphs, pictographs and the Midewiwin Scrolls. These symbols refer to the traditional teachings, tales, stories and legends of his people. Ahmoo Angeconeb is truly a spiritual being.

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"Ahneesheenahpay Totems"

Very rare, Limited Edition  Original Print
#1 of edition of 18
Professionally framed, conservation methods employed, Tru vue Conservation Clear UV protectant glass, triple matted with raise between bottom mat and artwork, giving depth to the presentation.
          opening  -  9" w x 11" h
            frame o/s - 18 3/8" x 20 3/4" 
Artist Statement:

"Totems are animals that represent different Anishnaebe families. There are 32 different totems in the Anishnaebe culture, passed down through the male (father) line.
In the centre of this etching is a design of the first human being, a male that was created out of clay and put on the earth.
The Anishnawbe people from the Bear Totem are guardians of the Northern Door. Anishnawbe people from the Beaver Totem are guardians of the Eastern Door; The Deer Totem people are guardians of the Southern Door; and Wolverine Totem people, guardians of the Western Door.
The four Directions have further symbolism in the Ojibway traditions, often standing for [1] where you are from, [2] where you have been, [3] where you are now, and [4] where you are headed (especially spiritually), as well as representative of air, water, fire and earth, as well as the four races on earth, the red man, the white man, the black man and the yellow man.
Last known original print of this title available, priced at $1200.00.


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