Norval Morrisseau Originals – Now SOLD

We currently offer two authentic Morrisseau originals for sale, with other works to be added shortly.

Original Acrylic on Paper Paintings

circa 1970’s

Norval Morrisseau Original

both approx 18″ x 12″

Provenance to be provided, by widow of the original owner. This collector artwork was purchased in the late 1970’s or so, possibly from the artist or a local art gallery (we are checking). Never has been on the marketplace since its original purchase until recently on my eBay store and now here. Condition is excellent, white background (please excuse my poor photo taking abilities), stored since purchase flat, never been framed.   Will provide my usual 2 year buy-back guarantee (ever see anyone else provide this? I STAND behind what I sell) and will add a copy of the Morrissea book I had recently republished this year – “The Morrisseau Papers – An Inside Story”.  I have owned art galleries for 16 years and have sold native art for about the same (still do) and know most of all the Woodland Native artists, so be assured you are dealing with someone trusted (see my 100% positive, 500+ eBay feedback profile) and knowledgeable – I live where the art is sourced from and where the artists are, and don’t espouse the marketing b.s. about Norval, but tell it like it is – no astral, shaman marketing crap from me. Sign up for my newsletter and learn the real stories.

Norval Morrisseau will go down in Canadian art history as one of the country’s greatest artists because of what he did – he started an art movement, breaking the native taboo to paint and sell their legends/history – and new art movements seldom come around  on our planet. His works are highly collectible because of this, yet one must be very careful in purchasing, to ensure that a “fake” is not purchased.  I would love to see more people in the marketplace take my stance – stand behind what you sell with a buy-back guarantee, and carefully examine what you sell to ensure its authenticity. ‘Nuff said.
Here are the current offerings

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